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We have now hit our billboard target which is locked in and ready to go. All additional funds will go to increasing our visibility in other ways between now and the election.

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Don’t let the major parties drown out our voice with dirty money – chip in now to ensure our message is heard loud and clear in RYAN!

With the growing potential of the election being called in less than two weeks, we only have until 5pm next Friday to raise $5000 so we can book one of the most influential billboards in the Ryan electorate.

Located at a major site on Moggill Road, this billboard will amplify our voice to tens of thousands of residents in the Western suburbs. This will deliver our strong message to an electorate that needs change!

For passersby who live outside of the Ryan electorate, this will also be a solid reminder that the Greens are here in QLD taking action and are committed to building a parliament that puts people before profits!

The window of opportunity for this level of impact is small – to make this happen we’ll need all of you to chip in what you can by Friday 19th April! The design and location are all locked in. All we need is the funds to make it happen.

Can you help us secure this billboard by making a donation?

This billboard will be powerful. After speaking to thousands of people at the doors, at events or on the streets we know what is swinging votes – it's our message. We all want a party that will fight to clean up politics and end dirty donations, properly fund our local schools, take action on climate change and stop Adani.

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If you aren’t able to chip in today, please get involved with the campaign in other ways! Contact us at and let us know how you can help!

It is because of supporters like you, that I am able to stand on a platform and speak our message. It is because of supporters like you, that we are seeing our movement grow like never before. Australians are asking for change this election, so let’s give it to them!

Thank you for all of your support in the campaign so far,

Jake Schoermer

Greens Candidate for Ryan

Funds Raised so Far

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