Help Out on a Polling Booth

Helping out on polling day or on an early voting centre in the weeks starting from Monday the 29th of April is the biggest thing that you can do to support Jake and Larissa at this election.

We know that some voters only make up their minds as they enter the polling station and that a strong presence on the polling booths can make up to a 2% difference in the Greens vote - the difference between a narrow win and a narrow loss.

With up to 30% of voters, voting before election day, it is also more important than ever before to be present at the early voting centres - both in Ryan and the CBD - in the weeks before an election.

Anytime you can spare - be it a few hours or a whole day, can and will make a huge difference.

After you submit tour preferred time, a member of the team will get in touch to confirm the details. You can also contact the campaign if you have any questions.

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You can support us locally at one of 34 polling booths in Ryan or at one of five early voting locations on a week day in the three weeks leading up to election day (starting on Monday the ).