Save Mt Coot-tha: Stop the Mega Ziplines

Mount Coot-tha is a unique part of Brisbane’s natural heritage and must be protected for future generations. It is one of the few areas of Brisbane, so close to the CBD that has been left in such a relatively natural state. The area is ecologically significant, with several endemic species and is a major tourist attraction because of its natural beauty.

Mount Coot-tha has been held in trust for the people Brisbane ‘as a site for public park and for no other purpose whatsoever’ since the 1890s. I know that the area must continue to be protected as a public asset, for the benefit of the public and our environment for current and future generations. It must not be privatised by stealth for the benefit of another corporation.

Brisbane City Council’s three part mega-zipline attraction at Mount Coot-tha, which would be owned and operated by Zipline Australia, threatens not only the environmental integrity of the area, but also it’s status as a public asset.

In his role as local councillor, former head of the council planning committee, and now LNP candidate for Ryan, Julian Simmonds has failed to listen to the outpouring of concerns surrounding this project. The community has a right to be outraged.

Right now, courageous members of our local community are taking BCC to court, over its decision to approve its own project. I support these residents, but what is also important to remember is that this zipline could be stopped today if the Labor state minister for Natural Resources simply refused to grant approval over the change of use in the trust.

This proposed development demonstrates clearly that neither Labor nor the LNP are listening to locals. Our area deserves better. It deserves a representative that actually listens, and takes its cues from local residents, not big business.

As your MP for Ryan, I will use the resources of my office and my position to pressure state and local governments to scrap this project. I will continue to collaborate with with my state colleague Michael Berkman MP and my council colleague Jonathan Sri to ensure that Mt Coot-tha is protected and preserved as a natural asset and important ecological sanctuary for our city.

The Greens worked with the community to stop the suburb-smashing East-West tunnel in Victoria despite the backing of both of the old parties. I know that when the community and the Greens stand together we can win.

Top photo courtesy of Shaun Johnston.